Our journey to Corfu didn't start off great, you could say. The first night we had a fire in our apartment and this was also my first experience with Greece. We all got away with a fright and extinguished the fire. Still right now I can say that Greece is my favorite country in Europe and you can't really compare it to any other country. So even though we had a rough start I really love this country! It has stunning beaches, great weather, nice food and very friendly people!

Sunset at Corfu

Things to do in Corfu

1. Enjoy the view at Paleokastritsa

An amazing thing to do whenever you're on Corfu is going to the Golden Fox restaurant. They have the best views at Paleokastritsa beach, a nice restaurant and a pool you can use free of charge when visiting the restaurant. The above banner is made from here. I'm sure you won't regret it. 

Swimming pool at the Golden Fox restaurant on Corfu

This is the great view you get from the restaurant. I wouldn't mind spending another lunch here!
The rest of the day we laid by the pool and spent snorkeling at Paleokastritsa beach.

View from Golden Fox restaurant on Corfu
Golden Fox restaurant on Corfu

Narrow streets Corfu town

2. Corfu old town

Corfu city is the capital of Corfu island. Since 2008 the old town was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It's one of the major tourist attractions on the island. There are two castles that can be visited and there are a lot of narrow, photogenic streets where you can see daily life happen. This is also the ideal place for shopping. You can see the influences of different cultures in the old town. The buildings have a Venetian style. 


On the image below you see the esplanada where you can find a lot of different restaurants and bistro's.There is always some activity here.

Esplanada Corfu old town

3. New Fortress

What you can also find in Corfu town is the new fortress. Although the name makes is sound like it's new, the fortress was build between 1576 and 1645. There are a lot of underground tunnels that can be seen. I didn't find the fortress very interesting but it's already worth a visit to see the great views of the city when standing on the top. 

And for history-lovers this is also really interesting. The fortress was partly destroyed during World War 2. 

New Fortress Corfu

Aqualand Corfu

4. Aqualand

If you're a kid at heart, like me, you will enjoy Aqualand. We visited in May when it was still super quiet. There were no lines and we could go in the slides as many times as we want. Aqualand is located in Agios Ioannis. 


Water parks are never really cheap, but especially when you go with kids it's your money well worth. We had a fun day. 

5. Achilleion Museum "Sisi's Palace"

In 1890 this former summer palace was built by the Austrian Empress Elisabeth. She's also know by the name Sisi. You can visit the palace and see the rooms of the empress and her family. A fun fact is that the casino scene from the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only was filmed here. 

Achilleion museum sisi's palace
Achilleion museum sisi's palace

Milkshakes while plane spotting
Plane spotting at Corfu

6. Drink milkshakes and watch planes

We went to restaurant Royal which is close to the airport. This is an ideal place for plane spotting. You have a good view across the bay and the landing strip. By the way, I love milkshakes!


Here you can also visit Vlacherna monastery which is located on a small island and one of the most iconic spots of Corfu. The monastery can also be seen in the James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only. 

7. Mount Pantokrator

Mount Pantokrator Corfu

In the north of Corfu is the mountain called Pantokrator. The way to the top is a very long one. We had a basic car that didn't had enough power (or good tires) to make it to the top. So we decided to walk. We didn't make it to the top, but still had great views, saw goats and an abandoned little village. It was peacefully quiet and we didn't see any other tourists. 


If you do make it to the top (920 m) you will be rewarded with amazing views over the island, the ocean and the mainland of Greece.

Goats at the Pantokrator Corfu


Most of the time when you're going to Greece you will have good weather. The season here starts early. In the end of April, beginning of May it's spring. And you will notice it! There are lots of flowers and smells. In fact I think it's the best smelling season, everything is blooming. Already a lot of sun, nice temperatures and for the real die-hards, you can go swimming in the sea already. But, also some clouds or rain. 


During the summer it's dry, hot and sunny. It will be dry and you will have really good beach weather. Although it's hot, the air is dry so you won't sweat so much. The heat will feel totally different than the heat in a tropical country does. 


At the end of summer the weather is still superb. Until late in October you will have lots of sun and good temperatures. It may be a bit colder early in the morning and at the end of the day but the sea is still very warm. It has been heated by the sun all summer long. You can stay in the sea for an hour easily. 


Between the end of October and beginning of April the weather will be different. More rain and clouds. Although temperatures never really get to zero and in the winter there can still be sunny days. But also really grey days and storm are no exception. 

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